JavaSea.Ru is a free-of-charge use project where you can download pictures in your phone with resolution 240x320 and even smaller absolutely for free. We also have a wonderful collection of animation (animated pictures in gif format) of different sizes. You can not only download them in your phone but also use them as avatar wherever you want. Our collection of animation and pictures is constantly added with the best items. We also have a small collection of java games with short descriptions and formats for different models. All content is divided into several categories for convenience. This site offers the most diverse mobile content for your attention – and you can download it absolutely for free! We have different screen saver (pictures and gif-animation) that you can download for free without registering or SMS sending. Just pick up the desired topic and download everything you like. You will be able to select pictures and animations according to the size of your phone display (look for the description of pictures, animations and games). You can also use it as a user pics, for example, in social networking services.